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Saturday, November 30, 2013

In Vogue...8502 - The Pants

 I hope that everyone had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!  This was the first year that I did not prepare a feast.  None of the children were here so Virginia, my husband and I had a nice, quiet dinner at home. Different...but nice!  I feel as though we are entering into a new phase of life.  Before we know it, Thanksgiving Dinner will be time spent with Daughters-in-law and Grandkids! 
 These are the pants of Vogue 8502.  I blogged about the jacket here.  I found the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics a couple of years ago.  It is a heavy, stretchy, "sort of reminds me of scuba gear", type fabric.  I'm sure there's a proper name for it.  Anybody know what it is...let me know.
I made View D, the "full length" version and decided to add the cuff detail as shown on the "above ankle" version.  I absolutely love a cuffed pant.  The first time I wore them (it got too late to start taking pics, but I got a few) I wanted a black turtle neck but settled instead for the black top that you see here...almost a turtle neck.
 Today, I paired them with Vogue 8670.  This is the second top made from this pattern.  The first was a white "scrunched" turtleneck (View C) that had to be adjusted every time I wore it because the neck was too big.  I did that until I wore it out!  With some adjustments, this pattern could very easily become a favorite. I plan on making another turtle neck very soon.   
 For this top I used a cotton/rayon/ (I'm terrible at deciphering certain fabric content) rib knit that Virginia had in stash.  Love, love, love the way this fabric sewed up.  Greedy me....I want more.  I thought I might get some pics without the (outer) sweater on but was cold...see that snow?!  COLD I tell ya!  As much as I like to share with you all, a girl is definitely going to have to get creative with project pics...indoors
The top itself is quite warm and feels good on.  Seriously, I could use one of these in every color...same fabric...greedy me.  For now however, it's on to the next project - a new winter coat!  I've been having ideas in my head and have seen some really cute ones out there in the sewing/blogging community.  You all are such an inspiration!
We shall soon (hopefully) see just how I've been inspired and what those ideas will bring.  Until next time...Have a GREAT weekend....BE BLESSED!


  1. Beautiful.. Love=love the pink on you. You look great.. And I really like the purple sweater with it..
    Happy sewing.[and indoor photos will be fine too.]

  2. Well Ms. Terri you have gone and done it again. Love the pleat details and how you paired it with the lavender and gray.

  3. Great look and the color of the pants is so unexpected. Go 'head with your bad self!

  4. So unexpected yet so beautiful. As soon as i scrolled down the page my first reaction was"oh this is gorgeous". Again gorgeous!

  5. I love this! The colors are so awesome on you..

  6. Terri, this ensemble is gorgeous! Oh, and the pants, the pants are so my style. Beautiful!!!


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