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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2 Shades of Grey - Burda 9306

It was love at first sight for me and this this two-toned, dark (looking black in these photos) and light grey velour knit fabric that I purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics.  These pics do not do it any real justice.  They are my attempt at being "creative" indoors.  It's cold outside!  
My original plan was to make a velour suit.  The kind that it is easy to wear, you know...a hooded, zipped jacket with pockets, and pants that have an elastic waist.  Actually I could still manage that since I have a few yards of this fabric left - that's what "love" will do for ya...have you buying extra...especially when it's on clearance!
 When I saw this Burda pattern which is also a free download I knew that I wanted to use this fabric for it.  The model is sportin' a "crushed velvet" version.  It's a rather interesting process of printing the pattern pieces (which print out in smaller divisions) and assembling them accordingly.  Ingenious!  There's a numbering system that aids with the construction and is the perfect compliment to the sometimes "vague" (which I think has everything to do with translation) but otherwise well illustrated instructions. 
This dress is rather simple to make.  I didn't use the instructions until I got to the band (front and back) after I had sewn the bodice to the skirt.  I soon realized that it (the band) was actually part of the construction and not an embellishmentHuh?'s not an embellishment?!  Uhm yeah..experience is such a great teacher!
In addition to a very soft hand, it has "nap".  I've embedded a great resource for more information about "napped fabrics".  I decided to add a little visual interest (it needs more right?!) by cutting the band "against" or in the "opposite direction" of nap that was cut for the rest of the dress.  The change is either subtle or not depending on the angle from which you see it.  
The dress has nice details which include front and back darts, front pleats and a great neckline.  I did use an invisible zip in the back which I stabilized since the fabric has two-way stretch.  I wanted to get the most wear even in colder temps so I lengthened the sleeves by about 5 inches and abandoned the original design which includes elastic at the sleeve hem.  Adding the length created an odd, almost "bell shaped" kind of sleeve that I'm just lovin'! 
This is a very comfortable dress - that can be as warm as you want it to be.  I see turtlenecks, button ups, vests, jackets (and the list could go on) - all items that could be paired up (layered) with this dress in the future.  That's all for now!  Thanks for stopping by!

If it's cold where you're at, I hope you're keeping warm, if it's've got it goin' on!  Have a GREAT week! 

Until next time...PEACE and BLESSINGS!!!


  1. What a beautiful dress. It looks fantastic on you. Love the modeling...[yep..its cold here too]
    Sending wishes for a blessed and Merry Christmas

  2. Beautiful dress, and loved the way you styled it. You have such a jazzy style.

  3. Your dress it gorgeous, great job with your fabulous fabric. Merry Christmas.

  4. I can sure understand why you bought that's gorgeous!!! I love the way you cut the band in the opposite nap.

  5. I love the dress & your sleeve alteration looks fantastic!

  6. Love. It! Perfect combo of fabric and pattern.


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