My Help Cometh From the Lord!

Monday, July 21, 2014

McCall's 6758

I think Virginia would have liked this dress.  I had her in mind when I made it.  It's (in part) red.  She loved red.  It's different.  She was a huge fan of "different".

Both fabrics are from her stash.  The red linen blend was used previously in this project and the creme is a polyester blend with a huge wrinkle effect.

The dress is View C.  This is another one of those patterns that I could take one of each view if I could somehow find the time to make them all.  

I like the "lines" and the overall simplicity of the dress. Simple hooks and eyes as closures are all that's required.  If I had one "do over" it would be to decrease the height of the collar.  It's a little high for my taste.

 The only changes that I made to the pattern was to cut the center front piece into two pieces so that I could divide the dress evenly between fabrics.  

 Yep...she would have liked this one...

Until next time...PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!