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Monday, November 18, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays...Vogue 8502 - The "Jacket"


 Yesterday (when these pics were taken) it was rainy and today is Monday (what's left of it)..."Rainy Days and Mondays".  Although I never let them "get me down", I did find myself, during yesterday's rain storm, looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday!
 This "jacket"  has been an "unfinished project" for a minute now.  I purchased the cotton twill fabric when I purchased the fabric for these cargo pants.  I knew right away that I would use it for Vogue 8502 - a "military inspired" project.
It was very much near completion when I set it aside.  There were several things about it that I just wasn't feelin'  First - it has no shape.  Instead of a jacket, it felt (and still does feel) more like a "top".    I thought about adding elastic to create some shape but didn't bother to do so.  Granted, my fabric is lightweight but it is directly in line with the fabric suggestions of the pattern:   "lightweight linen, lightweight crepe, lightweight broadcloth and lightweight denim".
 Second  - the closures:  six hooks and eyes...not my favorite and really not all that functional.  I won't even mention unsightly...ok, I just did.  On a perfect size whatever,  this type of closure may work but not for me.  I must have sewn and re-sewn them on four times and still obtained an undesirable closure.  This was even more obvious AND annoying when I wore this yesterday. Needless to say, I will be removing them one last time! 
 Although I really like the button placement on the lower pockets, they have proven to be too heavy for the fabric.  I should have reinforced the area to give it more stability.  This was an added design detail.  The original design has top pockets on the jacket and top flaps on the vest but I opted for both designs with this project. 
 Finally, this garment was a nightmare to style. Some of it has to do with the fact that, I have committed not to buy anything ready to wear and am sticking to it!  Therefore, I was forced to use what I already have.  A white shirt saves the day!  Add  to that the aforementioned dislikes and you have a nightmare! 
 Although this jacket/top is not exactly what I'd envisioned, It's not the worst thing I've made.  Will I make it again?  Probably not, at least without modifications...and there you have it!

Until next time...BE BLESSED!


  1. I love, love this entire look! You styled this so well...

  2. What a great look! I love the animal print skirt and military-style jacket. It reminds me of a New Look pattern with similar features. Well done!

  3. Yes Teri you did a great job styling your jacket. Love it all, jacket stockings and those shoes!

  4. You made this jacket adorable.. However...everything you put together looks Great on you.. Love it.. Looks great with the skirt. happy sewing and good luck with your not buying any RTW...
    Happy sewing.

  5. Your whole outfit is very styl'n!!! I absolutely love it and it looks sooo nice on you.

  6. Teri, this outfit is so super cute! Loving the military-styled jacket with animal print. These brown booties are begging to come to my house, lol!


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