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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back to Basics - Burda 7058

My first Burda!  Yaaaay!  I must admit, I feel as though I've "cheated" in some've not really sewn Burda "style" until I've added my own seam allowances.

 I've got several Burda patterns in stash that would require the addition of seam allowances, but for now I'll take advantage of those, like Burda 7058, where the work has already been done for me.  

 This is one of several Burda patterns that I purchased during one of JoAnn Fabrics "Burda Pattern" Sales.    

The instructions and illustrations were straight forward and to the point.   I think that Burda assumes some level of sewing experience and as a result, instructions and illustrations are not elaborate, but still good.  Less pages to contend that!

I like the style of these pants.  The pattern offers two lengths.  I went with the "longer" version.     

 I like the opening detail, aka...slits, at the bottom, outer edge as well as the dart detail (front and back) and the faced waist.  I hope to add more pants to my wardrobe as the Seasons progress.

This is the same fabric that I used in "My First (Made By Me) LBD".  It washes up very nicely and has some weight to it.  I think I may still have enough for a jacket which I'm giving serious consideration to. 

I didn't make a muslin for these pants but if I make them again, I will make the adjustments necessary (not sure what they'd be at the moment) to take some of the 'bag' out of the front crotch area.  For now however....I'm feelin' 'em!

Until next time......PEACE AND BLESSINGS!


  1. Your pants are so lovely. I've been working on pants as well. I love the fabric, it is all that my dear!

  2. You are working these pants! I love it!

  3. These are great looking pants and I like your entire outfit.

  4. Great job.. YOur pants look great. Love the slit in the legs too..

  5. The fabric is stunning and so are the burgundy shoes - the pants fit really quite well considering you just went with the pattern. Not only is the fabric stunning, but you look stunning in it :)

  6. great job on the pants! love the shoes!

  7. Great job. Those are really nice!

  8. Great job and fit! I love the pop of color the shoes bring in. I need to try Burda for pants. Thanks for sharing!


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