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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Navy Sealed - Vogue 8840

I like everything about Vogue 8840. I was drawn to the top stitching detail on the top as well as the lower sleeve variation AND I like the ever so slight "bell" bottom to the pants. This project ended up being a quick and easy sew which is definitely an added bonus.

This is the last of the navy and white polyester crepe (also used in this project). The top is a crepe/polyester blend that has a much higher polyester content (than the pants) and the pants have more crepe in them, which I just love!

 I went back and forth (surprised?) about my fabric choices.  The pattern calls for charmeuse - which I really like and have quite a bit of in stash - but I just wasn't feelin' it.  I ended up using what you see here.  The navy and white crepe, although very loosely woven and easy to unravel, is a delight to work with and to wear!  These pics were taken after Sunday morning worship service.
  My choice of fabric for the top proved to be a little tricky.  The high polyester content makes this fabric - "not the best candidate for this top".  It makes the darts (bust and shoulder back) and the top stitching (center front and around the lower sleeve)  sort of "heavy" looking.  I can imagine that a lighter weight fabric (with less polyester content) would complement these details.
 I "muslin-ed" the pants but not the top.  I did widen the top at the bottom for just a hint of flair since I don't like anything tight around this area.  When it came to sewing the hook and eye, I realized that the neckline edges were uneven and didn't meet properly so I omitted. 
As mentioned in a previous post, I have a black and white cut of this same (pants) fabric still in stash.  I would love to make a jacket and perhaps a skirt out of it but only time will much to sew, sew little time!

This is a quick and easy project that can easily be dressed up or down.  This was the look I chose for church (as seen with the scarf) but I will also wear this to work.  It's a great addition to my wardrobe!  Like...for real!
  You know how sometimes making a particular project seems like a good idea?  You complete it and it's nice and all, but for some reason you don't wear it often?  Uhm....not this time!

Until next time.....PEACE AND BLESSINGS!


  1. What a pretty outfit, that looks fantastic on you.. So proud you chose this fabric for the pants..I love them.. Will have to check out that pattern, I hadn't paid any attention to it..[Seeing others make things, is where I get the inspiration to make things, thank you for sharing.. ] Have a blessed day..Hugs.

  2. Great Outfit... love it and the contrasting print shoes and handbag too.

  3. Amazing! I love the play with pattern and color!

  4. This is too cute! Love everything about it!

  5. You look terrific! I 'heart' those navy and white pants.

  6. Love the mix of patterns!! This outfit is cute!!

  7. I love this outfit, great job and your pictures are always the best.

  8. Featured on SSB

  9. Hi there, I was trolling the internet looking for reviews on this pattern - I'm snowed in with nothing to do but sew! - and I found your blog! I love the outfit you made ! Bravo!


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