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Friday, April 5, 2013

"The Art of the Trench" - Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013

Remember when London Fog was the Brand synonymous with the term "Trench"? London Fog, the well-known brand of raincoats, leather jackets and water repellant "trenches" has always been very affordable to the average consumer and is a label that I too have owned in the past.  The House of Burberry, on the other hand, although they continue to be on the cutting edge of trench coat design (aren't their designs just FABULOUS?!!) carries a hefty price tag for the "master pieces" that they create, making them affordable to a "select" group of consumers.
Photo Source: Vogue Fashion Week
Recently I was inspired to re-create one of the above designs in hopes of entering it into the "Knock off RTW" Contest at  I did not make the deadline, which was at the end of February, but I finally took the plunge.  You see, with each new collection that the House of Burberry unveils, regardless of the season, I am inspired to recreate something and quite often, a "few somethings" that I consider brilliant design but never seem to get to...until now.  I am so excited that I was able to (almost) complete this project (save for the hem) and believe me it is one that took "the skills" to a new heights!           

Which one of these designs, if any, inspires you?  Which one do you think was my inspiration for a project? Stay tuned....and...BE BLESSED!


  1. The bright metallic group caught my eye.

  2. My favorite is the beige lace. Look forward to seeing yours!


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