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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Whole: The Sum of It's Parts - Simplicity 2758 - Part 1

I have THE hardest time making "pieces" of a pattern.  For some reason I feel as though I have to make a "whole" ensemble, especially if that's the vision that I had in mind at the time of purchase. Anybody out there know what I'm talkin' 'bout??? 
Mixin' it up!
This top is "part" of Simplicity 2758.  The skirt is nearly complete but I am almost certain that I won't wear the two pieces together - hence the reason this top is being debuted sola.  The "whole", in this case, is not the perfect combination that I'd hoped for.  More about that AND the skirt in a later post.

Views without the belt.
The fabric for this top is a polyester charmeuse that I purchased from Jo Ann Fabrics.  This is the kind of fabric that "collections" are made of! So billowy and flowy.  The top was fairly easy to construct.  I decided to use a satin contrast fabric from this project to break up the print a bit.     

The color combination of this fabric lends itself to endless style possibilies!
I love, love the buttons.  Think I may have purchased them from JoAnn's as well.  I used a different button type for the sleeve cuff.  A basic dark gray four whole button.  Can you see the gray splashed throughout this fabric?  FABULOUS! 
Side shot.
The sun was out earlier today but by the time I got around to taking these pics it had gone down and so had the temps.  It was good and chilly!  Needless to say, I added a jacket to complete the look and more importantly to make this outfit more "chilly" weather appropriate" . 

Adding to the Mix!
How fun is it to see projects from others who share love of the same fabric?! Amanda is rockin' this fabulous "Badgley Mischka" top that she made with Vogue 1127.  

Photo Source:  AMANDA S.

SewWil who is a regular reviewer on is rockin' this fabulous top she made using Simplicity 2599.


Photo Source:  SEWWIL
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  1. I love this blouse, It looks so pretty on you, and I really like it with the black pants... Perfect fabric.. Happy sewing. and hope you and family have a blessed Easter.

  2. Blouse looks super on you - Happy Easter - off to have a peek around your blog...J

  3. Every garemtn shown looks gorgeous, and the colours are just right. I like your blog/photography style too, something I have yet to learn (I'm a just jump straight in kind of girl and work it out as you go along!).

    I know excactly what you mean about wanting to make the whole pattern up - I am not sure why, but I want to do the same thing - sometimes limited by the choices of fabrics available where I live. One good thing about making up the whole pattern is that you will have things to go together. As you have shown in these photos.

  4. Wow! You look very chic and adorable! Have a very happy and blessed Easter!

  5. Thank you Maw, Judith, Sarah and Heather!!! Hope you all enjoyed your Resurrection Sunday too!!! @judith - peek around as much as you like :), @Sarah - sometimes it's better to hit the ground running!!!

  6. Wait, this is a blouse?! When I first saw it on Faye's sew along link, I thought it was a jacket that can be worn like a top. Oh my gosh, T, this is fabulous!

    1. Thanks L! You've got me to thinking...

  7. This is very a gorgeous blouse and you've created a wonderful outfit.

  8. Spectacular! I love the colors and the outfit looks so great on you!

  9. This is such a pretty blouse. The colors and style look wonderful on you. The black trim is a nice touch. When you make all the garments included in a pattern, you are really getting your money's worth. I feel guilty sometimes buying multi piece wardrobe patterns for only one of the garments.


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