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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Workin' Girl Cargo's (2) - Simplicity 2261

I took these pictures today in 22 degree weather.  It was today or never much later in the year.  This is the second pair of cargos made from this pattern and just like the first pair, I love em'. 

...never been afraid of cold weather, just like to be warm in it!
The only discovery that I've made with this project is that my fabric choice is so lightweight that it makes these pants not so warm in cold weather AND they don't layer well.          

Thought about adding a fourth (top) layer in the form of a denim shirt...
The fabric is a 100% Cotton "Sew Classics Bottomweight Wrinklease" from Jo Ann Fabrics.  I purchased three cuts:  charcoal, khaki and green.  I recently completed a top/jacket in the green and am strongly considering inserting a lining to give it more weight.   
What you can't see in this pic is the cup of hot tea adding warmth to this shoot!
To this pattern, I added 1" to the back to compensate for the size of my behind and 1/2" to the length of the crotch.  Overall I am satisfied with the fit but feel there is still room for improvement.  This pattern has great details and was rather simple to construct.  
Delightful details...
I highly recommend this "great first pant, get your feet wet - kinda" pattern.  While I probably will not make this pattern again I am looking forward to making a different style of cargos using a more weighty fabric.      

Snow is soooo pretty, I love it!
 Until next time......Peace and Blessings!!!


  1. Great outfit and need to add that pattern to my list. The coat would've been perfect with your outfit, matter of I need your outfit.

  2. YOur cargo pants are just perfect.. The fit looks great,and your overall look ,is great.. Pretty as you can be!!! and the snow is so pretty too.. But,it sure makes me
    We have not had any snow this year.. just rain and mud, eeek!!

  3. Great outfit. The pants look great and fit you so well!

  4. I agree, this is such a cute outfit. You wear it so well. The pants look good on you.

  5. Great styling. I don't mind adding room to pants for my behind either.

  6. Thanks Joyce! @velosewer - I feel you! Hey....a girl has gotta do what a girl got to do :)! Thanks!

  7. the whole atire is stunning on you, I've not ventured out to pants with zippers in all the years I've been sewing ,maybe this'll be my year lol!

    1. Thanks Nanna! Yes....this will be your year!

  8. You look great! These pants are so pretty!


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