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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I Wore To Church Today - V1268 I guess it is sooner than later that I am posting again.  Hoo-raaaaayy!  I was on Spring Break this past week (from school not work - looking forward to that in April!) and decided that I wanted a new dress. A Guy Laroche design for Vogue.  You can see a full review here.

 The day started out a bit chilly but warmed up very nicely.

Somewhat of a side view
 Didn't get too hot in the tights (as I thought I might), well, except for those brief, intense moments of heat brought on by a hormone imbalance!  Whew!
Rear view
Scripture for the day:  Nehemiah 1 - His prayer was:   affirmation (of the attributes of God), supplication, confession, intercession and petition - a great example of how we should pray.
Rather BORING and a bit boxy without the belt!
 Have a BLESSED week!  Until next time.......PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!

Like the exposure on this one!


  1. You look gorgeous! I love, love your hair!

  2. That's really cute especially paired with that color tights. I like seeing your Sunday posts.

  3. I love it! I have definitely missed your Sunday posts. I love the fabric. What a great style. Your hair is pretty sharp too!!!

  4. Very nice dress! I agree with Candice, love, love, love your hair!

  5. Thanks to you all! The hair is so much fun! I'm feelin' it!

  6. Lovely dress with a great print.


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