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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Fast and The Easy - Butterick 4685 Top

Fast and Easy is so RIGHT!  I decided at about 8pm last night that I wanted to wear this top today to have lunch with my sister-in-law.  Cut it out and stitched most of it up last night.  Inserted the elastic and hem this morning...and Voila!  Keep in mind these pics were taken after the outing so please excuse all wrinkles and such!
Side view with belt.  No pics of side view without belt but you can imagine.  This belt kept sliding around by the way.  I may have to punch another hole in it. 
This top consists of four pattern pieces.  Front and back, both cut on the fold, sleeve and neck ruffle - cut twice on the fold.  That's it!  Notions:  thread and elastic....period!  
Front view with belt

It had been a while since we'd gotten together for lunch and it was quite enjoyable.  We went to a cafe that serves organic food.  I had the best black bean burger that I've had to date!  Not to mention the freshly juiced drink which consisted of :  orange, lemon, carrot and ginger.....YUMMY! 

Back view with belt
Although it's a pretty popular place I'd not been once because it's ALWAYS sooo crowded.  For the longest time there was only one location in our area.  FINALLY there's another.  We did have a short wait but since I was in such good company it was cool.  Besides, it was worth it! The food is delicious!
Front view without belt
This fabric was in Virginia's stash.  Some type of novelty print.  Very light with some stretch to it.  Mostly cotton I'd say.  Still trying to figure out what it is saying.  It just happened to be the right color!  At first glance it appears as though I cut the fabric with the print upside down  but look again.  The MAJORITY of the words are upside down but there are about three "ads" that aren't.  Can you see them?  That's my right side up!  I know - I know.....what can I say?
Back view without belt
Just in case you're wondering....I have two more unfinished projects left that are a part of my sewing goals.  I have started the 9th but there are buttons, and piping and be honest, I just wanted a break from it.  One that started wth Simplicity 2642 and has not ceased yet - lol.  It is my new goal to not let the summer end without the last two projects being completed......Amen.

Until next time.......Have a great weekend - what's left of it and....BE BLESSED!


  1. You look darling! Perfect for a lunch date with SIL.

  2. You look very nice in this sweet little top. Sound like you had a lovely time. Tyna

  3. Love the top! Tops is something I need to make more of.Great job.

  4. I love this fabric- and the top is perfect on you.

  5. I love it! Gotta go see if I have this pattern!

  6. Pretty the ruffle!

  7. Simple and stylish, but you wear it with grace and glamour! Truly, you are an inspiration. ;-)

  8. Love the top, your choice of fabric, and the combination of the top and skirt. So cute! Looks great with or without the belt.


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