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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Electric Geometrics! What I Wore To Church Sunday - Butterick 5353

The sun peeped out every now and then while I was taking these photos on Sunday.  Hope you get the picture!  Warning:  some pics are hazy. 
This is a VERY comfortable dress!  Love the full lining!

This fabric was in Virginia's stash.  She had used some of it to make a toaster cover and had quite a bit left.  Wait.....did I say toaster cover?  I meant to say TOASTER COVER!  Yes.....she did!  I could have done the same except....... I don't have a toaster......a toaster oven? yes - a toaster? - no!  Why not a dress?!
My biggest fear was that the neckband would not fit properly and it doesn't.  It's not terrible but it's quite noticeable in the back.  I should have gone down a size for the neck band.  Lesson learned.  Hook looks undone here.

Inside front view.  This cotton blend fabric that I used for the lining was also in Virginia's stash.  I appears to have some rayon and maybe even a touch of polyester?????? in it. 

Excuse the wrinkles but she'd had a "workout" by the time I put her on the dress form for this pic! 

Such a "classic" look in my opinion.  Believe me, the sweater came in handy!
Yep!  I visited a church today and it was a chilly!  

Love these shoes.  I must get some type of padding to keep my feet from thrusting forward though.  It was down right uncomfortable at eight dollar Worthington shoes from JCPenney! 

BE BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Pretty dress, love the print.

  2. Stunning dress! Love the print and those cute shoes! You looked picture perfect:)

  3. Your dress is so pretty, I love your style. You look good in everything!!

  4. Gorgeous dress! And I love your shoes too!

  5. Thanks a bunch ladies! I appreciate your comments!!!!

  6. Oh what a pretty dress, and those royal blue shoes - if I could only wear them!!!

  7. Love this fabric!! The print is styled it well, too (lovin' the shoes!). Great job!!! Vita

  8. Nice outfit. The fabric is unique and pretty; the shoes are a perfect blue to compliment the dress. I like.


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