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Saturday, November 27, 2010

You Deserve A Break Today - V8696

A break from what you might ask?  The last dress project - Vogue 1189 and....... as a result of my experience with that project - a break from the next dress project.  Remember?....I'd cut three dresses and thus far have only completed one.

Pictured here with purchased belt and small collar, purchased belt with large
collar and self belt.

The cape that I wore with Vogue 1189 is one that I got from my late maternal grandmother (Mamma Lizzie).  It  was my inspiration for this project.  I wear it often.  It's fashionable, it goes with just about everything and above all, it's warm!  I wanted something to throw on and be a bit stylish at the same time.  
This look is not my favorite but it's growing on me!
While this jacket is not designed to wear in freezing temperatures, it will be perfect on those chilly days and or nights where a sweater or light jacket might come in handy.
A few views from the side and rear with purchased belt
 and self belt
Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system - LOL! I shall resume regulary scheduled sewing.  Look for a full review of this jacket on  Until next time..Peace and Blessings! and.......GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for make that up! I've been obsessing over that pattern for several weeks now. It's nice to finally see someone make it up. I really like your version. I've been thinking about making it in a double knit of ponte knit.

  2. I really love it - it's so flattering, and I feel like your version is nicer looking that the envelope photo!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! Faye - do it! Do it! I would love to see it in a ponte knit. As a matter of fact you may have just given me my second fabric choice *wink*! Happy sewing!

  4. Wow! I found your site by visiting another blogger~ I'm gals I did! I love your style, you are a very snazzy dresser ( do they even say that anymore, lol)!
    Anyway, great cape, and great Rebecca Taylor dress!

  5. Thanks Alethia! Snazzy - lol! You're telling "our" age. Hope you enjoy the site. Take care!

  6. Very nice! you've made me take a second look at this pattern, and I may have to pick it up at the next sale!

  7. This looks so great, and you wear it with such panache! Thanks for the insight. I love reading about other people's sewing. Plus, I think you've inspired me to try this one.


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