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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Bold AND The Beautiful - FINALLY!!!

Okay....sooooooo.....why is it that once you put something out there it becomes like a monumental task to get it done!  I'm all excited about my "Three New Dresses" freshly cut and WHEW!!!!!!.....If you only knew.  Okay so here it is - the dress I call(ed) "The Bold and The Beautiful."  Even though it's not EXACTLY what I expected I just LOVE those circles.  THEY ARE TO LIVE FOR!!!! 

I'd first seen this fabric this past summer when it first hit JoAnn's.  I  really wanted to purchase it but had no vision for it. When I thought I had it all figured out the fabric had sold out.  There was a simiar knit fabric but I wanted the 100% polyester print.  I concluded that it just wasn't meant to be.  Until.......

About, a month or so ago it was back.  I was so excited but still had no vision for it.  Then enter Vogue 1189 a Rebecca Taylor design. The thought of this pattern and dress combined was delightful!  Uhm....much more delightful in my head than in reality,  I'm afraid........... 

COST ANALYSIS:  It cost about $25 to make this dress.  Sale price + educator discount + end of bolt priced piece = about $15 for 3.5 yards of fabric.  $3.99 for the pattern, thread, elastic and snap - already in stash - let's say about $5 even though that's probably a little inflated for those already in stash items.  A great value indeed!  Even though I am not TOTALLY dissatisfied with this dress (look for a full review on, I am a little disappointed of how the final garmet looks, drapes, feels, fits.......!

While I am thankful for the experience of this project.....I'm GLAD it's over.  Next up........"It's A Jungle Out There" - but shhhhhhh - keep that on the!  Thanks for stoppin by - Be Blessed!

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