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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jump, Jump, Jump to It!

Wow how time flies! One month ago since my last post. I would really like to be posting more often . The way I see it, a month is waaaaaay to long, especially since this is not just a blog about sewing. Why do I feel that I have to complete a project before I post? Gotta get that together. But for now, a month is my max. I WILL NOT go beyond that - so I keep telling myself. Let me commend those of you who post on a regular! - That's whats up!

Simplicity 2401 - Let me say that I am not the hugest fan of jumpsuits - at least not this time around - however, I do remember wearing them "back in the day" and did enjoy them back then. Somewhere around 1970 something b.c. (before children) . After seeing some really cute ones on, I decided that I would like to have one in my current wardrobe. Good idea!

Some of you may recognize this fabric from the "Pink and White Threads Dress"
that I made a couple months back - my 1st review. I couldn't decide between the pink or the blue print so I purchased them both. They were on clearance - real cheap. It's a satiny silk type of fabric. Not 100% sure of the content.

Now about these was hot, hot, oh and did I mention HOT today. A gurl had sweat running down her back! I'm going to have to say that "it is what it is" - twisted straps and all! Lol! I hope you can see the jumpsuit well. I like how it turned out. The crotch is a little low but not so serious that I would make an adjustment. Look for a full review on

Thanks for the visit! In the words of Bugs himself....."The-the that's.......the-the that's......the-the that's all folks"!


  1. Thanks! Appreciate the comment!

  2. I know this is old - but came across your pattern review and was happy to see your results! You have encouraged me to stitch this up this summer!

    Thanks for your review!

  3. Wonderful K McCall.....can't wait to see it!


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