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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'Kerchief Dress - Completed

Thank you Lord!!!!! When I purchased this pattern I just loved it and of course it sat amidst my "collection" for a couple of months. When I pulled it out again I couldn't recall exactly why I had purchased it. I thought it looked a little "mature" for my taste. After careful consideration I decided to go ahead with the project using a handkerchief linen that I found in Virginia's stash. I'm glad I did!!!!! This is quite a comfortable dress!

Front view with sash tied to the front.

Front view with sash tied to the side.

Side/Back ViewThe front and back pieces are identical cut on the fold. Okay, so the sash is a bit crooked in the anything perfect?

I'm still trying to master the skill of inserting zippers. So far they look just "okay". I want them to look....well...."perfect" (I know - nothing is perfect but you know what I mean). Zipper side view with sash tied to the front. The other side is the "pocket side". This dress has just one pocket .

I cut the collar and the sleeve facings on the bias. I came so close to cutting the front bands on the bias as well but for some reason (can't think of it now) opted not to. It would have snazz'd it up a bit more however I must admit that overall I am happy with the results. Four snaps (only three shown here - the one at the very bottom is closed) holding the front band in place.

Okay so this may be a little picture heavy but I just love this dress and how it turned out. Promise I won't do this every time. Thanks to all of you sewing bloggers who've encouraged me tremendously! Muchas Gracias!!!! Thanks to my photographer, Virginia's Youngest Grandson - What am I going to do when you go back to school? It's been fun! a river!

P.S. I will post a thorough review on PatternReview.Com


  1. Oh thanks for sharing all of the pics because the dress is beautiful from all angles!


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