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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 'Kerchief Dress - McCall's 5801


But first, a quick update. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, VIRGINIA (June 1). I know. I'm terrible about posting - I'm working on it. In any case I made her Butterick 4950 view A/C (the red one) which is now out of print.

It was in her pattern stash as was the pink and white linen look fabric that I used. It would have been nice to have it completed for her GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY 'BABY GIRL' (May 27....I know). However, I needed a couple more days to complete it. It was a very easy pattern to sew, however it had several "finishing" touches that took a little time. She likes it! Here are a couple of pics. As soon as she wears it I'll include an updated pic. Sorry, don't have a dress form yet - working on that too.

Neckline of course, but here you can see the fabric content.
Okay, so I needed to have taken a course in creative photography!

During finals week (I'm a high school math teacher) I am cutting out McCall's 5801 during a free period while at work. One of my brightest students comes in to chat. Really, she is very bright. She scored the highest (in our building ) in all five areas on the state achievement test!!! A MAJOR accomplishment! "Whatcha makin', a handkerchief?" I'm thinking to myself - When was the last time you saw a handkerchief THIS big? (Lol). I told her it was going to be a dress. She moseyed off and then it hit me - it DOES look like a handkerchief - smarty pants! And there you have it - "The 'Kerchief Dress". The fabric is a woven cotton. I hope to finish by the week's end. Enjoy the remainder of the week!

This is a pic of the inside of the bodice. Thought I had snapped one of the outside, to showcase the top stitching but guess NOT. Will include in final pics

Cut the collar on the bias.

Wish me.........BLESSINGS! Thanks for visiting!

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