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Saturday, May 22, 2010

You've Got Me Going In Circles....

Okay. So I made a vow not to buy any more fabric. At least not until some of my current "collection" is depleted. Since fabric and patterns kinda of.....well....go together, I needed to also vow not to buy any more patterns - oops too late. Been to a couple pattern sales where I just couldn't resist, you know - Vogue - 3.99, Big Four patterns - .99. Anyway, I'd done a pretty good job at matching stash fabric with new patterns however, one pattern in particular had me "going in circles". I usually try to put my own spin on the fabric selection but not this time. I wanted the EXACT fabric that the model was wearing. I wanted it and I WANTED IT NOW! Well guess what? Couldn't find it. Hence the inspiration for the following:

Charmeuse and Chiffon

Mind you this is waaaaaaay different than the print worn by the model. While the style of the garment requires two types of fabric, the model had the same print for both pieces. This may not have been my first choice however both pieces were 60% off with an additional 15%. It's been a while since I've been in the sewing game. One thing I've not forgotten is how challenging certain fabrics are to work with and chiffon is right near the top. What's my pattern?

Print Sateen
I just couldn't pass this up. It was 50% off. I was ready to have this fabric cut only to realize that it was already cut into three pieces. After much contemplation I decided not to purchase it and to search for it at another store. After going to two other JoAnn stores and not being able to find it, I returned to the first store and made my purchase. Three pieces - a little over 4 yds.

Side note: I go online to find a picture of the fabric since the one's I'm taking are not to my liking. I find it and guess what? The fabric is the SAME PRICE online - DUH!!!!!!!!! I didn't even think about ordering it online. I could have gotten a single piece. Anyway, I wanted it and I WANTED IT NOW!!!!

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