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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fabulous Finds - Spadea Pattern Book

Copyright 1967 - 207 pages of pure "Fashion Fabulosity". A similar book sells on ebay for $225.00. Value to me?...........Priceless!

So here I am going through Virginia's Library of Resources and what do I find? SOMETHING FABULOUS!!!! A pattern book. Not just any pattern book. It's a very special pattern book. Why special? Firstly, because it belongs to Virginia who has passed it on to me :-), and secondly? well, I'd like for you to take a look for yourselves. Of course these pics are few and really don't lend themselves to the true beauty of the real thing but I think you'll get the idea.

Included in the book are pattern collections by "World Famous Designers". Each pattern along with it's drawing, identifies the designer, gives a pattern description, fabric requirements, fabric suggestions, measurements, notions and price. Prices of patterns range from $1.25-$2.00. Oh yeah and postage was included in the pattern price. The Patterns are categorized just as in modern day catalogues. Entire pages, instead of tabs, are color coded to separate categories.

The above collage consists of dresses from different sectioins. Top left - "Afternoon and Cocktail Dresses", top right - "Two Piece Separates", bottom left - "Sew Speedy" and bottom right - "Spring and Summer Dresses", Below - "Evening Dresses"

You can imagine that when I discovered this "one of a kind" find, that I wanted to know more. As a result, I began to do a little research . Little being the operative word here. To my delight and surprise, the work had already been done for me. Early in my search I landed upon "FuzzieLizzie's Vintage Clothing". There is a good bit of information about SPADEA which includes a little history, management and ownership changes as well as other interesting facts about the company that made this "fab find" complete. Thanks FuzzieLizzie!!!

So there you have it! The only rightful thing to do now is to try and "re-create" some of these designs. I'm sure it will be fun, challenging and above all well worth it in the end. Well thanks for listening! I'm so excited, so thrilled.....SEW BLESSED! You too.....BE BLESSED!

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