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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Simplicity 6295 - 1965 - Vintage Designer Fashion

Two project posts in one month!....look at me!  This is my entry for the Vintage Contest on 

Front view with belt
An easy project with great reward.  Ten pattern pieces total.  Four for the front, back and sides of the dress.  The fabric, which I rescued from my stash after having been there many years, is a black rayon challis with some decent stretch to it. 

Front view without belt 
I was searching for a muslin fabric but found this and decided to use it as the final fabric.  The only adjustment that I had to make was to shorten the overall length of the dress by 2".
Gotta love a dress that passes the "TWIRL" test!
My sister found this pattern at a thrift store in Martinsville, VA about three years ago.  I'm not sure what she paid for it but of course it could not have been much.  The pattern itself cost $.50 in 1965.

Somewhat of a side view.
The most interesting thing about the construction was attaching the neck interfacings to the actual dress instead of to the neck facings themselves.  In addition, I stitched a "sleeve facing" to the lower edge of the sleeve then stitched a rayon binding to the sleeve facing.  I then slipstitched the binding to the sleeve creating a nice finished hem.   
Back view with belt
There were three suggestions for finishing the seams:  1) serge (which I did),  2) trim with pinking shears (which I seriously considered) and 3) finish the seams with binding (which I eventually want to get into the habit of doing).

Bow detail 
I used binding on the sleeves, the zipper (my idea) and the hem of the dress.  All of the seam binding in Virginia's stash is 100% rayon however when I went to the fabric store to replenish they had a polyester blend which was very stiff in comparison and just not very nice.    
Back view without a belt
I guess that means I'll be placing an order for some "Hug Snug" real soon.  I read some information about it and one blogger in particular highly recommends it and provides a tutorial on how to apply it.     
More details
Well.....I've held you long enough.  More details about my sewing experience on the PR website.  Thanks for stopping by!
Belt change
Until next time......PEACE AND BLESSINGS!


  1. The dress and you look wonderful. I love it and can tell it was put together meticulously.

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  3. Love the Red belt and yellow purse accents! You Take this dress from 47 years to 25 years! You look Marvi!

  4. Great dress. I especially like it belted.

  5. Wow! Sensational looking dress with that adorable twirl factor! Impressive current version of a classic pattern-very wearable today.

  6. That is such a darling dress. You look fantastic and I'm very jealous that I don't have this pattern in my stash. Not coveting, mind you, just wishing!

  7. You look great! Your dress is gorgeous.

  8. This dress is just beautiful..I love it with the red belt and yellow purse.. Great outfit..
    Don't you just love when fabric and pattern, in your stash turns out this well..

  9. You look fantastic! I also love the pop of color with your clutch and belt..

  10. Thanks, thanks, thanks a BUNCH!

  11. Lovely dress and you are wearing it fabulously.

  12. SUCH a pretty dress! Nicely done!

  13. Hy swetie! this is beautiful! if you want to follow each other just tell me, kisses!

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