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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Quick Trip to North Carolina

Very comfortable!!!!!

Last weekend it was a quick trip to University Park, Pennsylvania

That's why no "What I Wore to Church Today" post. 

This past weekend:   Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  We got back late last night.  Same reason for no post today of the same title.  I was shooting for "A Month of Sundays" of made by me. 

Next weekend:  Cincinnati, Ohio

the last weekend in April:  Jacksonville, Florida

and at some point:  Valparaiso, Indiana

WHEW!  My husband and I are driving our two oldest children around the county checking out law schools which, God willing, they both will be attending in the Fall.  GOD IS GREAT AND GREATLY TO BE PRAISED!

I wore this outfit yesterday while in NC.  I started out as you see me pictured here but things quickly changed. Even though it was 48 degrees when we started our day I figure as the day went on it would get warmer.  NOT!  We were there most of the day and it never got above 52 degress.  It was cold.  I actually wore the sweater and a jacket and jeans underneath the dress, with socks! No pics in NC.  We spent the day apartment shopping.  Some of the properties were so large that we needed to ride in a golf cart to navigate our way throughout and it was uhm.....cold!!!  Even my husband who is usually opposite of me in most things agreed that it was cold.

Front view

We did not see very much of Winston-Salem because of the short time we were there but what we did see was beautiful. Of course traveling through North Carolina was beautiful as well! Very clean and well manicured landscaping. 

The campus that we visited was lovely.  Not too big not too small.  Those who were friendly seemed to be genuinely friendly. It was a good short visit.
Side View

When we arrived on Friday it was warm.  Much warmer than in Ohio.  Around 75 degrees or so.  In fact, I had to peel back some of the layers of my traveling clothes. We'd heard that it was suppose to be 80 degrees today but we are back home and have our own 80 degree weather.  A pleasant surprise!  And the main reason I was able to take some pics.  I knew that if I did not do this now, that it would be a while before I'd get to it.  This was a quick photo shoot!

Back view, cami and all!!

I hope to get back to sewing soon.  I still have those goals I am trying to achieve.  I am almost done with Simplicity 2501 except for the arm facings, buttons and buttonholes. 

Simplicity 2473 I need to insert a zipper, attach the sleeves, collar and hem.  Hope I can get to it this week! 

 Until next time...PEACE AND BLESSINGS!


  1. Cute outfit you were wearing on your trip to NC. Oh, I see you were in my state. I assume you like the WFU campus and the city of Winston-Salem. I have family & friends in Winston. I'm about 3 hours away in the Raleigh area. Congratulations on your upcoming legal eagles!!

  2. Thanks Joyce in NC!!!! Yes we did like WF campus and the city as well. My husband and I are hoping that this will be his choice. I'll keep you "posted"! Have a good one!

  3. Lovely outfit! I L*VE the colors :)


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