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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I Wore to Church Today - Simplicity 2443

 Well, here they are.  The third and fourth of the unfinished projects to be finished.  Yaaaaayyy!  For the most part, I like the way both of these pieces turned out inspite of the fact that there was a bit of trial and error along the way. 
A little windy today but sunshiny!  Beautiful day!  This pic is with the ties used as a closure. Really there is nothing to hold them as closures so they do slide open a bit with movement.
 ORIGINALLY I had planned to make the dress AND the jacket in denim.  I started the jacket first.  When things did not go so great with the pockets, then I started the dress.  The dress bodice calls for stretch knit.  I thought that if I added to the seam allowances of the bodice I'd be okay (I actually added to the skirt portion as well forgetting that I didn't really need it there.  As a result I have a lot of volume in the skirt.  Which is okay.  I may slim it down later but for now it makes for a real roomy, breezy skirt!).   Little did I know that in addition to the seam allowances, I would also need to do some type of bust adustment.  The ole' girls were smashed to smitherines!  SERIOUSLY!  Also the band around the neck and shoulders really does need to be stretchy so that all of the curves of the band will fit to the dress, otherwise an adjustment would have to be made to the band as well.  The were also some gapping issues with the band, in the front, under the arms and the top of the back when this bodice was done in denim.  It was baaaaad! Baaaaaaaaaad I tell ya!

Side view
Back view and yes.....there is a string on the back of my leg....who knew?
 While I do like both of these pieces, I can tell you that besides today, I will probably never wear them together.  The dress is quite different than I had originally planned and doesn't go as nicely with the jacket.  The good news however is that both these pieces have what it takes to stand alone.  Speaking of the dress.  As soon as I take some pics in it "ohne" (german equivalent of the french word 'sans') jacket I will do a quick post.   One photo shoot per day is, in the words of Virginia, "a plenty"!

EVERYBODY LOVES THE SUNSHIIIINE! Even when it's in my eyes.  Jacket worn open here or should I say, ties not used as closure.
HOW THESE BECAME  UNFINISHED PROJECTS?:  I started this outfit last summer.  I started the jacket first.  Didn't like the way the pockets were shaping up so I put it aside an began the dress.  When it came time to insert the dress zipper I did not have one long enough.....I KNOW RIGHT!  So then I put it aside.  Even after I purchased the zipper shortly thereafter, I never resumed the project.
CHANGES MADE TO THE PATTERN - Added seam allowance to dress bodice and skirt anticipating the use of a different fabric but glad I did.  The bodice would have been to small had I not done this.  I also added a lining to the jacket.

WHAT I"VE LEARNED FROM THIS PROJECT:  - All things must be considered when working with AND without knits - lol!

CONCLUSION:   Love this pattern.  Too bad that it remained an unfinished project for so long.  If you have started but not finished this pattern.  Do so!  You'll be glad you did. 

MESSAGE FROM THE CHURCH SERVICE TODAYOur Bishop didn't really "preach" today.  Instead he spoke words of encouragement to the Body of Christ.  One of the things he said that I'd like to share is to "Stay in Line" - when it looks like others are finishing ahead of you don't be moved.  Stay in line and your turn will come!

Until next time.........BE BLESSED!


  1. Great job! And great words from your pastor - worth remembering for me in this time of Lent.

  2. You look gorgeous in that outfit. Love the jacket in a print too.

  3. You did a fantastic job on the jacket but I couldn't stop drooling over the boots. They are fierce!

  4. Look at you, stylish one. I need to get withthe program. Very cute outfit!!! You wear it well.

  5. You look so stunning, especially in your impressive and chic ensemble! Aren't you glad that this is no longer a UFO? ~Louella

  6. I like the dress and jacket! Your interpretation looks so different from the pattern envelope I didn't recognize it, at first. But you did a great job. Oh, and being able to understand German, I appreciate the use of the term "ohne!"

  7. Read your blog, You have impecable taste!!! Love your style and outfits! Really love the yellow/black plaid as well! Nice work!


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