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Saturday, March 26, 2011

McCall's Patterns: The NY Collection - A Quick Survey

As I am going through my pattern collection, I decide to gather all of the NY Collection patterns from McCall's.  Remember those?  I looooooved those patterns!  It's the first section of the pattern book that I looked in when searching for patterns.  One of my unfinished projects is from that collection.  All of the patterns pictured above were purchased sometime in the 90's. They range in size from 8-16.  M6515 is on my immediate list of projects to complete.  I had originally cut this in a size 16.  I recut it last night to my normal size 12.  I graded out to a 14 in the hip since it's a little straight.  I'm guessing that I cut this out early to mid 90's.  It was when my weight was at it's highest.  Our youngest son was born in September of 1991. I gained about 80 pounds during that pregnancy and he weighed........9lbs-5oz?!  Uhm...yeah, needless to say it took me a minute to get most of that weight off. 

So this is my collection of McCall's Patterns -The NY Collection.  I still love them (can I say that enough?).  I wanna make every last one of them and have ideas for all of them!  I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust the single size patterns to fit. 

Quick story:  When I was working for the Federal Government in the 90's a co-worker made M6735 pictured above.  She made the jumpsuit and the white top.  OH EM GEE (G for Goodness!!!).  From a distance it was toooo cute.  The fit was good the color and fabric combination great.  She used some type of wool crepe for the jumpsuit and a white cotton for the shirt.  Up close on the other hand?  YIKES! The garment was UNFINISHED.  Did you hear me?  U N F I N I S H E D ! The jumpsuit that is.  Who really knows about the blouse?  It was tucked in.  She wore it UNFINISHED - OBVIOUSLY UNFINISHED.  Have you ever?  I remember her saying to me right away that she didn't get a chance to finish the garment but that she would complete it sometime over the weekend.  HUH?  Loose thread EVERYWHERE, not yet hemmed, something crazy with the pockets that I can't quite recall.  It was awful.  I vowed that when I made this pattern that it would least......FINISHED!  Can you imagine?

Okay, gotta go. As always.......BE BLESSED!

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