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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sewing for Virginia - A "Bed Jacket" - M2652 (Out Of Print - OOP)


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I started this jacket the first week in December!  I certainly could have had it done by now but have been enjoying my time off to the fullest which - I'm still trying to figure this one out - has not included sewing....HUH?

Anyway, a little over a year ago, my husband and I moved Virginia in with us.  Among other things, of course, she brought along 3 sewing machines.  Two conventional Vikings and a Hobby Lock serger.  Add to that lots of notions, resources, yarn, patterns and fabric, fabric, fabric!  It would have been a total shame, a sin even, to let all of these goods go unused.  Virginia has really good taste in most things.  This has allowed God to give me the desire and an opportunity to start sewing again....seriously sewing again.  I have renewed my passion, motivation, determination and committment to make my own clothes.  

A month or so ago Virginia requested that I make her - what she called  - a "Jacket".  She wanted something that she could put on over a short-sleeved garment that would keep her warm.  Nothing long like a robe but instead something short like a.....jacket.  She requested that it to be "long-sleeved" and "button-up in the front."   She may or may not sleep in it and could even wear it outside if she wanted to.  Now, in her seventies, she STILL knows what she wants! Lol!

I sorted through her patterns and found this Nancy Zieman pattern for McCalls, number 2652 - circa 2000 - that seemed to fit the bill.  Although it is designed to be a "wardrobe builder", I figured once I chose fleece as the fashion fabric - it automatically becomes....less formal....cozy....bedroom, sofa, lounge around friendly, if you will.  Note:  Disregard the sizing of this pattern pic (if you can see it), I got this pic from the internet.  It was in much better shape than my own pattern pic.

She usually wears full figure sized patterns but this one wasn't - you know - the "W"'s I use to call them.  I can remember pattern shopping with her and whenever I'd make a suggestion that wasn't her size, she'd say:  "Mommy can't wear that honey - there has to be a "W" right here next to this number".  So I had to make this a "W".  I added to the seam allowances, eliminated the side slits, added elastic to the sleeves and tried my hand at a bit of decorative trim - serged finish.  Seven pieces to the jacket......that's it!  So here it is. Virginia's "Bed Jacket". 

I contemplated putting this on  I'm sure someone may have this pattern in their stash but how beneficial would it be to the members....really?  This prompted my survey.  Please take a second to cast your vote above if you haven't already!  Thank you!

Now - back to my regulary scheduled sewing - REALLY!  Thanks for stopping by!  Thank God I'm Blessed!! You too......Be Blessed!


  1. I say go for it! You never know who has that same pattern and may have been reluctant to make it, but just doesn't want to let go of the pattern.
    It seems that I've been going through my OOP patterns along with my old fabric stash. I've reviewed an OOP pattern, but it is similar to something anyone can find now.
    Yours looks to be similar to something anyone can find.
    Again, GO FOR IT!! :)


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