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Thursday, October 28, 2010

CUTTIN' UP! - A New Dress........Times THREE!

So.....this past weekend I cut out three dresses. Yes! Can you believe it? THREE! Figure I'd better capitalize on that kind of energy while I had the chance!  Didn't really feel like sewing but felt like cuttin' up some stuff - lol! It's always nice when the cutting is out of the way! Linings, interfacings....the whole nine yards - DONE! Nothing to do now but sew!  I could tell you my pattern choices....but I'll keep you in suspense.

The fabric choice for one of the dresses has a "story" behind it - doesn't surprise you does it? - I know, me neither.  I had no intentions of cutting out the third dress until I glanced over the sewing instructions. They appear to be sew simple!  I couldn't resist.

 I'll be adding a lining to one of the dresses and will underline the skirt of another.  Both in the absence of instructions as the patterns don't require it.   And...guess what????

 I didn't discriminate.  There's one Vogue, one McCall's and one Simplicity! I've even coined names for them all.....check it out - the Vogue I'm calling "The Bold and The Beautiful", the McCall's..."Gray's Anatomy" and the Simplicity "It's A Jungle Out There".  I know.....the titles just popped in my head....what can I say?   It's all'll see.

I was hoping to have something completed by this weekend, but probably will not. It's been a busy week which will end with an out of town college football game on Saturday.  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!  Stay tuned.......... and as always.....BE BLESSED!


  1. I hate the cutting part, so getting 3 out the way at once would be a dream for me!


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