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Monday, October 27, 2014

McCall's 5233 - circa 1991

...the year our youngest was born.  Twenty-three years ago.
Yves Saint Laurent said it best..."Fashions Fade - Style is Eternal."   
This pattern appeals to me as much now as it did back then.
A vintage classic!  It's quite simple yet makes a nice statement and remains my style.
It's rated "easy" and rightly so.  I love everything about it including all of the other Views! This is View C.
The suggested fabrics are challis, crepe, cotton, cotton blends and light weight wool, to name a few.

  I chose a lightweight double knit, purchased from Fashion Fabrics Club.
This lovely fabric looks navy half of the time and black the other half.
My better half says navy.  I think navy.    
 The back neck facing is sewn right sides together with the top back and then flipped to the inside,
a "new to me" method that I like.  I included the shoulder pads and am considering adding
another hook and eye...I have the hardest time gaining satisfaction from this type of closure.
 Although the fabric is lightweight, the four yards wrapped up in this four gored flared skirt,
creates a "heaviness" that translates into this fabulous drape.
Very, very, very nice movement  - with movement.
If there were a single downside to this fabric it would be that it is a magnet for lint,
dust and "all things" airborne.  Even a ladybug got in on the action and graced my top
during this shoot!  It is the perfect candidate for "dry clean only"care.

Until next time...PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!


  1. Classic elegance and it looks great on you!

  2. Lovely outfit. Looks so classy!

  3. I love it! I first thought it was a dress , looks great on you!


  4. The dress looks nice on you now, so it certainly is a classic. It's funny how our core tastes don't really change.

  5. Very nice! I like the way the fabric moves with you.

  6. I simply love your style! This is such a great piece, and I agree with Denise I love how this fabric moves...

  7. I love this outfit, beautiful and timeless. Oh, those shoes are fab!

  8. This is such a stunning, classic piece!! You look wonderful!

  9. That dress is gorgeous! I love the way it seems to change color between navy and black, even though the light is the same.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous--classy and stylish.


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