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Friday, February 7, 2014

Project Spotlight - Burda 9301 (A Sneak Peek!)

The pattern...

Burda 9301 (free download) - "Talea" 

The fabric...

A green and white, medium woven, wool blend.   This hounds tooth print features a silver thread of "sparkle" throughout that is not really visible in these photos.  I used two types of velboa faux fur.  Both are Leopard print, one having a larger, somewhat more abstract pattern than the other. Velboa faux fur has a short pile with a wave pattern permanently pressed into the fur.   

The pocket flap fabric was previously used in the project(s) below.  The dress on the right is Simplicity 2403.  The skirt on the left was the original skirt for the dress on the right but at some point I changed my mind and used the red satin instead.  I added a waistband and an exposed (black/gold) centered back zip to complete the skirt on the left.  

The lining ...

I really labored (in my thoughts) about the lining.  Warmth is key.  After a little research, I discovered that most of the warmer lining fabrics that I was in favor of, were also quite heavy.  Since it is added warmth that I want and not added weight, I decided to use a regular nylon lining fabric which I underlined.

The (lining) underlining...

The lining is underlined with a lightweight, wool flannel.  There were two complimentary prints in Virginia's stash and since I didn't have enough of either one of them for this project, I used both.  I can't tell you how often I've picked up these two fabrics with high hopes of using them for a project only to conclude that they were too "lightweight" for the intended purpose.  For this project however, they are perfect!

An element of surprise...


I made use of  "worn" leather from an irreparable, ripped leather jacket owned by our youngest son.  Working with leather has proven to be a bit challenging but was well worth it in the end.   One - for the experience of it all and two - to be able to incorporate it into this design.   I had some trouble with the top stitching (lots of 'Thanks' to those who offered advice).  How did I conquer:  trial, error and practice.  I ended up using a sulky embroidery thread which was the strongest that I had on hand at the time.    It was nice to be able to "practice" on used leather but I can definitely see how fresh hides would further enhance any project.

The buttons...(to be determined)

The jury is still out on this one.  Knowing that buttons can either make or break a project, I'm giving this one some serious thought.  What Would You Do (WWYD)?  Do tell...

All of the fabric for this project (with the exception of the hounds tooth print, which I got on clearance at Jo Ann Fabrics about a year or so ago, and the leather) came from Virginia's stash.  My plan is to be done with this project real soon. I have my eye on a Spring "Transition" Coat that I'd love to make, not to mention ALL of the other projects taking up space in my head!  Have a GREAT weekend!

Until next time...PEACE AND BLESSING!!!!


  1. I am totally impressed.. It is looking fantastic.. Can't wait to see the finished product.. Love the skirt and dress too..
    Happy sewing.

  2. Your coat is looking good, T. I love the mix of prints too.

  3. The sneak peek is gorgeous. RE: the buttons, what about some leather ones to match your epaulet shoulder trim?

  4. This is so amazing, great job. I have downloaded this pattern and hope to make it in a red wool.

  5. In my late Bernie Mac voice your teassssing meeee. Love the sneak peek.

  6. Absolutely beautiful, I want to tackle a coat for myself someday.


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