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Sunday, July 7, 2013

On and Poplin - McCall's 6520

Love the hemline on this dress!
I don't have nearly enough white in my wardrobe.  An unfortunate but well noted realization that I came to with the making of this dress.

Love those raglan sleeves!

I originally wanted white linen (100% - in all of it's wrinkled glory!) but unfortunately the cut that Virginia has in her stash fell short by about half of a yard. 

Just love!

Virginia had quite a bit of this poplin fabric on hand.  I remember why she'd purchased it:  To use as backing for drapes that she was going to make for her bedroom. She got it from a local fabric store (who has since gone out of business) that specialized in Home Decor Fabric.  

After having the dress on most of the day I figure it couldn't get any dirtier! (The only disadvantage of wearing white)
I fall hard for shirt dresses and this one is no exception...even without a collar.  I contemplated the three-quarter length sleeve but decided to go with the shorter sleeve instead.  
Wrinkled Glory!
I liked the rolled sleeve which is View A but prior to finishing the sleeve for that style I discovered that I liked it "as is" so I finished it with a narrow hem.  But now if the urge hits me?...I'll roll 'em up! 

Hip bones in motion!
I didn't want to bother with a slip so I underlined (the whole dress) with the same fabric. 

At the request of my photographer, I'm trotting - #needtodothismoreoften!

I decided to go with a multi-colored - brown, creme and white button instead of just plain white.

Did I mention that I love these sleeves?!
Another easy dress pattern with great results!  I'm feelin' it!

Church gear! - Love the blue hues in this pic!
 My photographer and youngest son:
 Until next time....PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!!!


  1. Your dress is stunning, you look wonderful.

  2. I love a shirt dress and this one is fabulous! And the leopard pumps were the perfect punctuation! Your pictures look great and really make one stop and notice!

  3. That is a stunning dress and so suits your figure - your photos are fantastic as well - lucky you having such a great photographer (mind you, it looks as though you are a great model as well :)).

  4. the dress looks fantastic on you!

  5. Wonderful dress. I bet you could also wear it as a long jacket over pants.

  6. Great use of the fabric and the shirttail hem showcases your legs perfectly! Good job to son/photographer, too.

  7. I love that dress. and it looks fantastic on you.. What a sweet son to do your photos for you..[He is doing a great job too.]
    What pattern is this? Love it!!! Happy sewing.

  8. Oh Teri you did a fantastic job. Never would have thought that pattern could look so good. You styled it perfectly.

  9. Great dress that is styled wonderfully. Those shoes are fierce and your title is too much!

  10. Great Dress! I love your style!

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your comments are greatly appreciated!

  12. I love the dress and the fact that you underlined it. That's something you just can't buy in RTW. You look so happy and relaxed in your dress. It fits perfectly. And your shoes!!!

  13. I love the dress just as you made it. Also, glad to see someone else adding some white to their wardrobe.

  14. I saw this on McCall's facebook. Love it!

  15. This is sooooo cute on you. I love the choices you made with the buttons and the shoes. It really makes the dress. And your photographer took some great pictures of you!

  16. Best rendition of this pattern I have seen!


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