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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Vogue 1160 with Diana Ross!

Don't look at me......look at the dress!  - goofy pic
My niece, who LOVES Diana Ross won two tickets to her concert last night.  My sister (her mom) couldn't make it and I just could NOT let her go by herself!  I'm wearing Vogue 1160 and will post more "view" pics as I take them.  
To be in her late sixties, she put on a good show.  She opened with "Boss" and closed with "Reach Out and Touch".  The show lasted for about one and one-half hours and she changed a total of six times (just would not have been the same had she not done this).  These pics are horrible as we were in the "nose bleed" section but hopefully you get the picture. 
Dress changes in order or appearance by rows!  She's STILL got IT!
All of her gowns were long and sequined with the exception of the fourth (pink) one. The first (white) gown had dolman sleeves and an opening all the way down her back that resembled a "keyhole".  The second (red) was a "wrap" gown  that showed much leg when she walked.  The third (blue) had dramatic kimono type sleeves.  The fourth (pink) had all the bling on the straps that fell off of each shoulder.  The fifth had large gold sequins and smaller red, green and blue ones mixed was bedazzling!  The final dress was peach colored with long sleeves - quite simple. She sounded great and still has some moves!

Until next time......Peace and blessings! 


  1. Lucky you. I love Diana Ross too. Look forward to your photo shoot of your dress.

  2. I absolutely love Diana Ross and her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross (my style icon). So glad you had a great time!

    Marla ---->


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