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Friday, June 10, 2011

DRESS Red! - Simplicity 2473

So.....I wanted to call this post "Lady in Red" with me wearing the dress.  Instead it is on my dress form.  It's entirely too warm to model.  I started sweating just taking these pictures! In addition to the warm weather this dress is super snug around the hips and thighs area.  Uhm.....yeah.  I guess I could have let the seams out some (Lord knows there are enough of them - like 6) - but I didn't want to bother.  It's not like I can wear it anyway - it's a wool blend.  Just don't have to make it work right away!  Come this fall, we'll see.  Either I'll be wearing it - and you know cuz I'll post some pics - or I'll pass it along.

In the meantime, my dress form gets all the ""eyes in this one.  This was very straight forward to make.  Simple pattern instuctions and great illustrations that were easy to follow.  The fabric was nice to work with too.   It started out pressing up nicely but the more I handled it the more difficult it became to get some of the wrinkles out.  I'll have to have it professionally dry cleaned and pressed I'm sure.

It's a Project Runway pattern and did not disappoint.  I like the collar, the three-quarter length sleeves and the flared skirt.  I still may put the carriers on it (they are already made up) but I'm not sure.  The way the dress fits now, the mid-section a little high and I wouldn't even need a belt.  It would be nice to have such an option however. 

 This is the eighth project to be completed.  I used a red wood blend found in Virginia's stash.  She too was going to make a dress that was to be paired with a coordinating plaid jacket. 

I lined the dress with a red tricot fabric also found in Virginia's stash.  The same red tricot fabric that I used to line completed project #2, Simplicity 2403.  While the lining helps protect from the scratchy"ness" of the fabric it does create some bulk in certain places i.e. under the arms, around the neckline and the zipper area.  I thought I took all the necessary precautions to prevent the lining from showing but I can still see it at the bottom of the sleeves. 

Somewhat of a back view.  It was soooo wrinkled, I decided not to show a view from the back until I get it nicely pressed!
HOW THIS DRESS BECAME AN UNFINISHED  PROJECT:  I cut this dress out last Fall (I think) and  never got to it until recently with my sewing plan.  Life is so much more productive when you have a plan!  I really like the way that it turned out.  It looks just as I thought it would! 

WHAT I LEARNED IN THE PROCESS:   Not sure that I learned anything in particular but am certainly becoming more experienced at adding linings and inserting zippers! 

I highly recommend this pattern!  Two more projects to go.  I must admit, I'm getting a bit ancy to begin new projects!  Looking at ALL of the cute summer dresses that others are making has got me wanting to make a couple of my own.  Until next time......BE BLESSED!


  1. Only one word will describe this dress...WOW.

  2. There is just something about a red dress - this one is fabulous. I hope that you do take the time to let out the seams in the fall!


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